Beauty tip 1 from France

Today I wanted to write about one of my top picks. Nuxe Reve de miel, a french lip balm.

After reading raving reviews on make up alley about Nuxe Reve de miel lip balm I thought I would share my own experience with it. I have been using the balm about a month now. It comes in a little bottle of 15 grams and costs around 10 euro. You can buy it through the French e bay site if your french is good enough or via the british site Bath and unwind. Their customer service is not very good but they sell great products and sent quickly. So it is worth it. The dutch high end beauty shop Skins sells Nuxe dry oil but not this balm. In France Nuxe is sold in pharmacies. It sells it products for a reasonable price. My balm was bought in a pharmacy in Lille, France.

The balm is very nourishing especially with colder weather. Nuxe claims the balm was tested in Canada. You can even use the balm on dryer areas of your face, around your nose if your have dry spots if you have a cold. Especially good before going to bed. Use this balm and put on some hand cream so your skin does not dry out.

It smells great as well, after oranges or pomplemousse.

So if you want a really good lip balm for this winter, try this one !

October 22nd, 2011