Beauty tip 2 from Spain

I would like to introduce you today to the second beauty pick from Spain by Alqvimia. Alqvimia was founded in the eighties in Northern Spain. They work with high quality oils based on the holistic concept mens sana in corpore sana. A healthy person in a healthy body. Green peace awarded them in 2004 with their Green Label for high quality ingredients in their products.

Alquimia sells natural oils, face creams and body products. I used their anti aging cream some years ago and several body oils. To me their face creams did not feel completely natural. So I prefer their natural oils either for your face or body. My favorite product is Healthy Feet. This oil was introduced in 2005.

Healthy feet contains sesame seed oil, sweet almond oil, lemon peel oil, orange peel oil, nut meg oil, sage oil, tea tree oil, coriander oil and much more. If you read the label all natural oils. The feet oil can be used directly on your feet aor for a foot bath or both. Just pour a little bit in the water you prepare for your feet and pour in a litte milk as well. With the milk, the oil mixes better with the water. After using this foot oil for some days your feet feel like velvet.

This oil smells divine as well ! It is a like creating a mini break to the Mediterranean mountains !

The Healthy feet oil is sold in 60 ml bottles and 150 ml bottles. Try to find the 150 ml ones as they are considerably cheaper and last for a very long time !

Want to have a mini break from the cold weather now, create your own mini break with Healthy Feet !

January 20th, 2012