Welcome to my website. 

My passion is perfume. Made with creativity, craftsmanship and authenticity.

I have been a perfume lover for a very long time. This is the passion I want to share with other people.

For me, it is all about the fragrances themselves not about its packages or stories. All reviewed perfumes are hand picked, tested for some time on my skin and researched to get a really good impression about them.

The perfumes I write about are all bought by me unless stated otherwise. My website is not sponsored in any way. I am not affiliated to any perfume house, shop, or brand. This makes my blog different with other photographs, paintings and texts then you might find somewhere else.

When I review perfumes I write about them as a whole like a holistic doctor will look at your body. Not only looking at one part of your body but at the whole and seeing connections between different parts of them. For this reason I do not try to dissect a perfume by mentioning its notes. Other people have done that and still do it that way. I prefer to write about perfume with a whole different approach by looking at the whole creation and what kind of effect it has on me personally.

If you want to use part of my articles or photographs please read my page about copyright or e mail me.

I really hope you enjoy my reviews and get as enthousiastic about perfumes as I do.