Experience Pure Joy


Today I tried Yoshs perfume U4EAHH ! for the first time on my skin. Normally I try the perfume I am reviewing several times. But I really felt like writing about it today. It took me a bit to understand the name as I am not a native English speaker but the name stands for euphoria.

Interestingly U4EAHH! did not only scent me.  It made me go inward into myself. Taking a moment to feel what it did for me which was pure joy. Not the joy I feel when I see a beautiful painting or a lovely cat thus reacting to an external image. But it made me relate to my own source of joy.

It is quite interesting to notice that a perfume can do this for and to you. Some might find this a bit vague but I would suggest to try U4EAHH! and feel  what it does for you. This perfume might work very well if you are feeling a bit down and need some sheering up or during dark winters in Northern Countries like Sweden or Denmark (or the Netherlands).  

More information about U4EAHH! can be found on  http://www.eaudeyosh.com/ and where to buy Yosh perfumes. Yosh has a discovery kit as well. My samples were bought online.  Photograph of my favorite cat, Freddy.

September 7, 2012