Last week Canadian born perfumer Ineke Ruhland visited The Perfume Lounge in Amsterdam to introduce her latest perfume for her perfume house INeKE; Hothouse Flower. Hothouse Flower is a perfume based on the gardenia flower, a soliflore.  Ineke Ruhland introduced us to her new perfume by telling about and letting us scent different separate perfume notes. Especially the gardenia note is interesting as Ineke told us this is never produced naturally. Notes of Hothouse Flower are green tea, green leaves and cypress, gardenia, galbanum, fig and olibanum, guaiac wood, musk and corn silk.

At the end of the presentation the opportunity was given to scent Hothouse Flower. We were the first to scent her new perfume in Europe. To develop Hothouse Flower Ineke has studied the gardenia flower in her garden and its natural scent very thoroughly. Hothouse is another word for greenhouse, like the greenhouses in the nineteenth century where flowers were kept. As it turns out it is an Irish rockband and book as well.

Initially, after testing Hothouse Flower once, I did not like how it developed on my skin. But I will scent Hothouse Flower more times to see how it evolves over a longer period of time. I would recommend all lovers of gardenia perfumes to try it. More gardenia perfumes will be coming out, as Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer is developing a gardenia scent as well.

Ineke´s openess regarding the ingredients in her perfumes was amazing. She is quite straightforward, open and genuinely interested in how we, consumers/perfume lovers, experience her scents. Most important: she is very passionate about her own perfumes and perfumes.

The complete INeKE perfume line was presented by Ineke Ruhland herself as well. Telling us about its history, how they originated and its notes. All of INeKE´s perfumes are organized around the alphabet starting with A, After My Own Heart the last one being H, Hothouse Flower. Some titles are a bit confusing if one is not a native english speaker but the logical alphabet makes up for it. You can easily remember a scent by the letter. My boy friend´s new signature scent starts with the D, Derring Do.

We were all given the opportunity to scent all her perfumes and pick our favorites. My personal favorite is Evening Edged in Gold, based on evening flowers and especially Angel’s Trumpet. It is one of her least popular perfumes, strangely. One of the perfume notes is Osmanthus Absolute. Some of us were given the opportunity to scent this ingredient on its own, this was a real eye opener and honour as this opportunity is rarely given. The osmanthus started with a wonderful scent of apricots and sweet dried fruit. Later on it developed into a more animalic scent, a smell reminding me of horse stable. I was not very familiar with osmanthus and am looking forward to more perfumes containing the osmanthus note. [i]

[i] (In China Osmanthus is used in tea)

Meeting Ineke Ruhland and being able to speak to her personally for some time has given her perfumes a very personal touch and new dimension to her perfume line. Her perfumes are all well crafted and thought through. Varying from the package with personal photographs from Paris, like Field Notes from Paris to the names of her perfumes.

For those of you who could not make it to the soiree at The Perfume Lounge, a beautiful discovery set of all of Ineke’s perfumes can be ordered at  or internationally at  Hothouse Flower can be (pre) ordered through these websites as well.

I reviewed another perfume of Ineke before, Chemical Bonding. See this page:

Each perfume of the INeKE's perfumes is introduced by Ineke Ruhland herself on youtube, start this introduction and continue with her other scents. Highly recommended.

 Have you been looking forward to INeKE's new Gardenia perfume ?

September 2012

Introduction to Ineke perfumes.