After trying the eau de toilette Un Ange Passe I became very curious about the candle with the same scent. The perfumer, Kitty Shpirer had told me the candle had gotten so popular that people started to ask for an eau de toilette with the same fragrance. As you might remember from my review of the eau de toilette I enjoyed Un ange passe very much. It is  light, slightly sweet, ethereal and very elegant. So I couldn´t wait to try the candle !

The scented candle comes in a well made and beautiful aluminium container which can be used afterwards. The candle is made from soy wax. It takes about an hour to scent the room after you light the candle. I was curious if the scent of the candle and the perfume would be the same and they are. At this moment I still can´t decide which one I like best, the candle or eau de toilette. The candle does burn slightly quicker if I compare it to others I have tried. The idea of an angel passing by leaving such a scented trail with a candle appealed to me very much and it does even more with the scent of candle embrazing my living room with its comforting scent.

The candle has a wick. After you use it, you can easily put the candle away and close it with the lid of the tin. The tin does not get too hot while the wick burns. My living room smells sensational while I use it. The scent is uplifting and light and can be used in all seasons of the years and all day long. This is not always the case with scented candles as some scents might be too energizing for the evening or not suited for the season like scents with cinnamon, clove or amber. At this moment I can´t use my scented candle with violet fragrance any more as it is becoming colder.

I was very glad to be able to use and enjoy this scented candle and I can highly recommed it as a Christmas present. The candle can be bought online for 35 euro. Weight 240 grams and 60 hours burning time. It comes in three different scents. My candle was kindly sent by Bissoumine. I will gladly order a new one after this one is used up which will be quite soon.

More information can be found on the Bissoumine website

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There are more scented candles I would like to try from my favorite fragrances like Ormonde Jayne Tolu. Which perfume would you like to be turned into a scented candle  ?

November 13th, 2012