Beautiful budget rose

In 2004 Yves Rocher introduced a new high quality perfume line Secrets d´Essences. Christine Nagel and Jacques Cavallier were amongst the perfumers who made perfumes for this line. Secrets d´Essences was quite complete having perfumes for jasmine, iris, vanilla, amber and rose lovers. Unfortunately Rose Absolue has been discontinued in July 2012. It is not available any more online at the Dutch Yves Rocher web shop but can still be bought at some local Yves Rocher stores. Rose Absolue is a high quality eau de parfum for an amazing prize and well worth visiting a local Yves Rocher shop. If you are lucky you get a 50 percent discount. Yves Rocher sells a body lotion of this line as well, actually smelling like the perfume itself, which is not always the case. Shower gel and deodorant are available as well of most of the perfumes in this line. I like to wear Rose Absolue edp during winter or colder evenings. Rose Absolue was sold shortly as an extrait and eau de toilette as well but I haven’t tried these yet.   I had not scented the eau de parfum for a while but I was amazed by its beauty this week. It is amongst one of my favorite rose perfumes.

Rose Absolue was introduced in 2006 and made by the talented perfumer Christine Nagel. Some of her most famous perfumes are: Narciso Rodrigues for her (with my favorite perfumer Francis Kurkdjian), Miss Dior Cherie, Cartier Delices, Lancome Mille et une Roses, and last but not least Fendi Theorema. Why Yves Rocher has discontinued this absolute gem, Rose Absolue, is a complete mystery to me. I can imagine this perfume becoming a collector’s item and being sold for high prices on ebay in a few years if it is not brought back by Yves Rocher.

You probably have to be a rose lover to like Rose Absolue as it is a real rose perfume. Not a multi facetted rose like Neela Vermeire Mohur edp which changes all the time but a less complicated rose perfume. This rose is fresh not as fresh as an English rose perfume due to the pinch of cinnamon which makes it more spicy. The heart has three different rose notes, Turkish, Bulgarian and Moroccan rose thus making the perfume more lush. The base has tonka beans and patchouli according to different website including fragantica. I can relate to the sweet Tonka beans but (fortunately) I do not scent the patchouli. Normally I scent patchouli as I do not like it very much.

Some compared this perfume very appropriately to rose petal jam which you can find at local Turkish stores in the Netherlands. Rose Absolue does not have too many ingredients; it is a beautiful elegant rose nonetheless.

Less is more. Go and buy some yourself while you still can!

Disclosure: my bottle was bought online

Longevity: average to low about 2 hours

Sillage: medium

August 17, 2012

Less is more by Joss Stone