Broaden your olfactory horizon

Some weeks ago I interviewed the perfumer Spyros Drosopoulos of Magnetic Scent, about his new perfumes. He let me test three of his perfumes. My favorite  is Tindrer. Tindrer is based on a song by the Danish band Under Byen which means sparkle. I tried to listen to the song but could not listen to it.

Tindrer is not like any perfume I have smelled before. It is dual and even at some point discomforting. At the beginning it shocked me as it did not remind me of any other perfume I had smelled before. After a few hours it became more accessible for me as it became more flowery.  This duality, the not recognizing and later becoming more accessible to me is discomforting.

It is the same sensation as being in a classical concert hall. At the beginning all musicians are testing their instruments. It is a cacophony of sounds. The stillness before the orchestra starts playing the symphony is a magical moment.  Then you get an inspiring surprising concert. Just wait and let it happen. To me it was the same with Tindrer, at first I could not make anything of all the differents scents. But after a few hours it became more of a whole to me.


Courtesy of Magnetic Scent

The Magnetic scent website tells the inspiration for this perfume.  A cold spring day in April in Scandinavia with sunny moments and cloud bursts alternating.  There is a duality in this as in the perfume. The rain and sunny moments. Personally I do not associate the perfume with the song or a cold spring day in Scandinavia. 

What comes to mind when I smell Tindrer ? Apart from tuning the instruments in the Concert Hall? Not a personal story or memory. The paintings I have included are the best I could find to illustrate my own impressions.

The Magnetic Scent site states as its notes
Cypress, Galbanum, Wet Soil, Cut Grass, Violet, Heliotropin, Ambergris, Musk, Oakmoss, Cedar.

You can both smell green notes like the cut grass and warm notes like the heliotropin. The violet has both warm and cool notes.  The dry down is flowery. You can smell Tindrer after more than 8 hours. Which I really like.

Back to life, Courtesy of Henriette Hackenberg

In the end this is not a perfume I would buy as I do not know if I would wear it for a long time. The concept of Tindrer is inspiring but in the end I like to have an emotional bond with the perfume through an personal association I get from it.

Spyros Drosopoulos´, the perfumer´of Magnetic Scent, intention was to create new perfumes as he stated in the interview we had. Perfumes that did not remind you of anything you had smelled before, original and individual. Well they certainly are !

If you want something completely different and broaden your horizon, try this. I can imagine people wearing it who really want something different and  try a whole new original fragrance to broaden their olfactory horizon.  If you would like to do this, order a sample set at .

Tindrer can be bought via or AMFI store in Amsterdam at the Spui. Price is 110 euro for 50 ml. 

Photograph Tindrer courtesy of Magnetic Scent. Paintings courtesy of my Danish friend Henriette Hackenberg

Elphenlands, Letting Be. Courtesy of Henriette Hackenberg