31. mei, 2013

Parfumgids by Roos Lubbers

For those of you who read Dutch the Parfumgids written by Roos Lubbers is an interesting book. Her short perfume reviews are all written about mainstream perfumes. The book is written for people as a help to find another new perfume which is great or for people within the fragrances industry as reference material. There is an introduction to the 14 fragrance families Roos uses. Roos Lubbers uses another categorization than the elaborate fragrance families from the Societe Francaise des Parfumeurs.


Her fragrance families are clear and usefull if you are not used to something else. I prefer to use the subcategories in the Official Fragance Catalogue of the Societe Francaise des Parfumeurs especially their large groups of subcategories which makes it easier for me to find a perfume I like than the 14 larger groups Roos uses as I can really focus within a larger perfume family like oriental which subgroup I like. But this is a matter of personal taste and usage. It took me a bit of time to refind my favorite perfume families in Roos her categories but I did find them.


The Parfumgids is a very well structured book and perfumes are very easy to find in the index with the numbers of the pages. Some reviewed perfumes like the Yves Rocher Secret d'Essences have been discontinued. Something which cannot be remedied as perfumes are discontinued all the time.


If you want to have an overview of mainstream fragrances this book is a good buy if you already know something about perfumes. For those of you who do not know very much about fragrances this is a great introduction and help to find a new perfume. It will make a great gift as well instead of a perfume bottle.


I really liked the famous people mentioned in her reviews who use certain perfumes. Perfumes I will be trying after reading her book are: Lagerveld Classic and Eau de Cartier. Can't wait to try them !

Price is 20 euro at www.bol.com


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