Yves Rocher Venice, a treasure from the Mediterranean Sea

Some time ago I bought a lot of perfume bottles. There were some perfumes I wanted to have in my perfume collection and some which came along in the deal from a lady who was cleaning up her cup board. One of the bottles she included was Yves Rocher, Venice.

It is probably the ugliest bottles I have come across. Very cheap looking as it looks like a plastic red bottle. Yesterday I tested the perfume itself to decide if I was going to sell or swap the bottle. When I applied the fragrance I was astonished by its velvet smoothness. It completely blends into my skin.

Somehow it reminded me of the older and pre formulated Dior Addict which gives the same impression of smoothness not as velvet more like very soft satin. They are like a mother and daughter which look alike in a way but different due to the clothes, hair and makeup from another time, Venice being the mother as it was created in 1986 and Dior Addict in 2002.

The feeling I get when I apply Venice is: complete calmness, like water from the Mediterranean Sea in the morning, adding sunshine without a wrinkle quiet and serene. Its effect is different from Dior Addict, which is not as calming, though Dior Addict always relaxes me.

Venice is no longer sold by Yves Rocher (like many others of their great fragrances) and Dior Addict has been reformulated and changed. If you ever find a bottle of Venice in a garage sale, at a market, or on Ebay for a fair price buy it, you will not be disappointed. I have decided not to sell or swap my own bottle of Venice.

Do you have a fragrances which calm and relax you ?

August 21, 2013

Delicieuse Histoire, La Dame aux Camelias and Ines de la Fressange

One of the things which bring me joy the most is finding new unexpected perfumes I really like and enjoy wearing. Especially fragrances I would not have chosen myself. This can happen when people sent me samples with decants I buy/swap for, when I buy some cheaper bottles on Marktplaats (Dutch ebay) or in a discount perfume store.  Surprisingly this hardly happens in a perfume shop. Maybe because at those moments I refer to perfume notes I already like or perfume houses which I prefer but bring me no more surprises. Somehow it is much easier to take olfactory chances when a bottle is 15 euro than when it is 100 euro.

Delicieuse Histoire and La dame aux Camelias

In the last months I found three perfume treasures which I enjoy wearing, Hubert Maes Delicieuse Histoire, Jardins d’Ecrivains La dame aux Camelias and Ines de la Fressange eau de parfum. All three are perfume I would probably not have bought if I had not found them by accident.

1. Hubert Maes Delicieuse Histoire a wonderful sweet perfume with a dominant but wonderful pear note.  It made me realize how much I like pear as an ingredient in perfume. This preference might be due to the scent and taste of pear water ice cream from my childhood. The perfume itself recalls sweet caramelized pear tarts with cream underneath. Hubert Maes perfumes are hard to find and luckily I was able to buy a bottle through Marktplaats. As I had tried a Hubert Maes scent before which I did not like I was not very open to this brand. But I am glad I did try his other scents.


2. Jardins d’Ecrivains La Dame aux Camelias The first time I saw this interesting French perfume house was in Paris, at the niche perfume shop Jovoy but overwhelmed by all the fragrances in the shop, I did not look into this perfume house. Jardins d’Ecrivains have fragrances based on perfumes from famous writers like George Sand and Oscar Wilde, a bath line and scented candles which sound very interesting like Leo Tolstoy and Karen Blixen.  For a niche perfume house it is quite reasonably priced and worth a try. La dame aux Camelias is a lovely pink sweet girly fragrance. The perfume itself is pink as well. Although this is an eau de cologne its longevity is excellent. It is supposed to awaken the lover within you and an invitation to love. To me this would be a pure beginning romance. Still very innocent and fresh. La dame aux camelias is a novel written in 1848 by Alexandre Dumas fils and later adapted to stage plays, an opera (La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi) and several movies. I own a decant.



Ines de la Fressange edp

3. Ines de la Fressange eau de parfum (round bottle) I found this bottle very cheaply in a perfume discount store in Amsterdam. When I first scented this eau de parfum I was surprised by its animalic scent due to the civet. I had read a review before on the blog of the Non Blonde, surprisingly she did not get any civet. The sales assistant told me this fragrance was popular with French tourists. This did not surprise me. At first sniff it reminded me of very classic fragrances which might be found at the Osmoteque, the perfume library/museum in Versailles. My own personal fantasy is that this fragrance was based on a small bottle of perfume Ines de la Fressange herself found in the French estate she used to live in. Ines de la Fressange was a model for Chanel in the eighties and born as a daughter of a French Marquis and Argentinean model. The fragrance Ines de la Fressage eau de parfum was introduced in 1999 and made by the very talented perfumer Calice Becker who made other more popular fragrances like Dior J’adore and Tommy Girl and now makes fragrances for the French perfume niche brand By Killian.  Another Ines de la Fressange fragrance was created in 2004. I have not tried it yet. One thing is a pity though, longevity is very poor of the Ines de la Fressan edp. It is gone within the hour. So you will have to re apply during the day.


Painting La dame aux Camelias by Aubrey Beardsley 1894, Collection Tate, www.tate.org.uk