Perfume your world

Last week I received a package from the Spanish perfumer Oliver Valverde. I have been eager to try his perfumes and scented candles for some time. His messages on Facebook are always open, direct and spontanuous. He had a special discount on Black Friday so I ordered the items which had been on my wishlist.


During an interview on the Fragantica website Oliver said he started making scented candles for craft markets.  When I scented and used his scented candle this weekend I could imagine why his candles had been popular on those markets, otherwise he would not have continued travelling into the perfumed world. Huge sillage and excellent quality.


I have tried scented candles the last months from different shops and price ranges like Atelier Cologne, Zara Home, Sissy Boy, The Hype Noses and Bissoumine. Bissoumine and The Hype Noses have been my favorite so far until I tried Ambarina this weekend. Not only does it fill my whole room with an amazing sweet amber scent very quickly, the scent lasts a very long time as well.


Ambarina came in a beautiful box and had a paper lid saying perfume your world, which I liked very much. Oliver prefers to do as much as he can by hand himself, from boxing to packaging and developing the fragrances. Everything is made with passion, attention and originality which makes it even more attractive to buy a perfume or scented candle from his line.  


What does Ambarina scent like ? Its notes according to the official website are: pine, bergamote, cinnamon, moroccan amber, sandelwood. The actual scent reminds me of the Spanish desert Arroz con Leche, rice with milk. The milk is thick in this desert with added cinnamon and some sugar, quite sweet and touch of lemon. By accident I got some wax on my hand from the candle and I could scent a bit of citrus. I really liked the scent on my skin and would love to wear this as a perfume. Ambarina has a very sweet amber lactonic scent.


Bissoumine made a perfume from its bestselling scented candle Un ange passe. The French perfumer Patricia Nicolai is said to start her perfumes as home fragrances. I really hope Oliver Valverde will turn this beautiful lush sweet amber scent into a perfume !

Recipe for Arroz con Leche:


More information on:, Ambarina was the bestelling scented candle in 2010/2011. Price is 37 euro, check out the shipping rates before ordering as they can be quite high from Spain.


December 2012