24. dec, 2012

Day 24: Ylang in Gold Christmas Eve !

Today is the last day of the Micallef Advent Calender ! Tonight it is Christmas Eve. I have enjoyed scenting the Micallef fragrances during the Advent period as it has given me a good idea of the whole collection but it has been challenging for me as well. As I have said before the quality of Micallef eau de parfums differs very much.  Personally I suspect this is due to the perfumers who made the perfumes. I liked Black Ananda, a beautiful classic white floral and Gardenia. Patchouli and Avant Garde really stood out for me, as did the masculine Style.


The scent for today is Ylang in Gold, the same as on day 1  but this time it comes in a larger spray bottle. Ylang in Gold is not a fragrance I really liked as it is too sweetened like many new perfume releases this year. If you like really sugared fragrances like the new Hermes L´Ambre des Merveilles or Parfumerie Generale Djenne you will want to try or probably already enjoy Ylang in Gold.


I have not mentioned the beautiful bottle before nor the gold powder in Ylang in Gold which leaves a gold shimmer on your skin when you apply it. Many Micallef bottles are beautifully decorated with Swarovski crystals. As I keep my bottles stored in their boxes I prefer simpler bottles for a cheaper price so I am able to buy and try more fragrances.


Finally only Patchouli and Avant Garde would be fragrances I could consider buying. I always had the idea Micallef would not be a perfume house for me as I do not care for the beauty of a bottle. The house did not appeal to me and to tell you the truth it still does not very much. I would recommend the line to those who are new as a perfumista (perfume lover) as it is a good first step in the world of more exclusive perfumes. For more hard core perfume lovers  I would not really recommend this line unless you enjoy lots of sugar in your perfume or like oud perfumes.


I can imagine some of the perfumes to be a signature scent though for those who only wear one scent as some of the Micallef fragrances stand out. Which would be my only scent if I would wear one from the Micallef line ? I still do not know. Buying a bottle is different from a becoming a signature scent. When sampling the whole Amouage line not so long ago, one stood out immediately:  Memoir for Women. Amouage Memoir would be my signature scent if I would have one right now. I scented this right away.  


Hope you enjoyed my Micallef reviews and I wish you wonderfully fragrant , sparkly and joyful Christmas !


Most of the paintings in this series were made by Vincent van Gogh and can be seen at the Museum Van Gogh in Amsterdam.


This picture was made by me with courtesy of Menno Kroon, www.mennokroon.nl