22. dec, 2012

Day 22: Watch Time for love

I did not review the last few fragrances in the Micallef Advent box as I was not motivated very much any more due to the differing quality of the fragrances. The fragrance in the box yesterday Style was wonderful. I am curious about the scent for tomorrow, will it be Ete, summer as we have had all seasons ? The choice for the box does not always make sense to me. But it has given me a pretty good idea of the whole Micallef collection.


The Micallef fragrances have not been reviewed very much online. Only the Swedish blogger Confessions of a perfume nerd and Ca Fleure Bon have published reviews on a regular basis. After testing the Advent Calender I am not surprised. Either their scents are not very well known or not very popular amongst perfume lovers. Ylang in Gold is quite popular as far as I know though.


The fragrance today is a tuberose which I really do not like so I thought it best to include a link to a positive reviewe from the Swedish Perfume Nerd. I have tried many tuberose perfume and only found one I really like, Nuit the Tuberose from L'Artisan Parfumeur.


If I look at the fragrances I have scented last month only a few stand out for me. This is always very personal, I know. Maybe we have this with many perfume lines, that we only like one or two. Are there any perfume lines which whole line you like or most of the perfumes ?  


Bank of the Seine, 1887 Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) Oil on Canvas, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, www.vangoghmuseum.nl


Review on: http://perfumenerd.blogspot.nl/2010/09/mmicallef-time-for-love-watch.html