16. dec, 2012

Day 16: Gardenia On the hunt for perfection

As any other gardenia lover I am always on the hunt for the perfect gardenia fragrance. I was very glad to find Gardenia today in the Micallef Advent Box.


Micallef Gardenia starts with fresh notes like the stems of a flower. This slides away very quickly and continues as a velvety luminous white bouquet of flowers with jasmine, gardenia and some tuberose. At some point it is a bit indolic but this is only one brief moment. The dry down is sweet, lush and warm from the vanilla and sweet musk. Micallef Gardenia is like a white satin evening dress of Jean Harlow. It reminds me of Isabey Gardenia which was first released in 1924. Micallef Gardenia is a very good and cheaper alternative to Isabey. The scent would make an excellent rich warm and sweet body cream as well.


Micallef Gardenia is not intended to scent like a natural gardenia and is quite different from new gardenia releases like Jo Loves Gardenia or Arquiste Boutonniere. Arquiste is much greener and natural scenting. Jo Loves Gardenia is a beautiful natural scenting gardenia as well.  Both are my favorite gardenia scents from the releases of this year. Together with a bottle of Yves Rocher Pur Desir Gardenia I own, one of the most natural scenting gardenia scents I know and use very sparingly. Jo Loves Gardenia would be a very good replacement for this bottle.


I already own Isabey Gardenia  so I would not buy Micallef Gardenia. But I would recommend it to those who like creamy white floral bouquets. It is certainly worth trying.


The official Micallef website does not mention Gardenia so I would not be surprised if this scent is being discontinued as Micallef will stop to produce some of their fragrances. First in Fragrance still sells it though.


Notes according ot First in Fragrance: jasmine, gardenia, vanilla, amber gris


Family: Floral Bouquet


Painting: Woman on the Champs-Elysees at night by Louis Anquetin (c. 1891) Purchased in 2010 by Museum Van Gogh www.vangoghmuseum.nl


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