13. dec, 2012

Day 13: Emir, Suffering from Oud Exhaustion ?

After scenting eau de parfum Emir I noticed I am Oud exhausted. Do not get me wrong Micallef Emir is a well blended refined Oud. But Oud is not one of my favorite notes in a perfume. It has to be very well blended and not too medicinal. I really  appreciate Oud in LM Parfums Black Aoud or Neela Vermeire Mohur. After so many releases with Oud perfumes there comes a point it is enough and reading others perfume bloggers I am not the only one who has reached that point. Some came to this point much earlier as I have avoided Oud for some time in the beginning. Interestingly enough Martine Micallef said in an interview they were one of the first to use oud in perfume.


When I first sniffed Emir my instant reaction was: oh no not another rose oud. But after a few hours I started to appreciate it more as it is very well done. The fresh green rose like geranium note is very well blended and soft. I did not get any of the fresh pomelo or orange maybe due to testing on paper this time which I normally do not do. Although marketed as the fourth male scent in the G.Nejman-Micallef range it is not too masculine for my taste. Ladies could wear this as well if they find Micallef Royal Rose Oud overly sweet.


If I had not scented some other well blended rose oud perfume I could have appreciated it more. I just can´t. It is like the painting with the sun flowers from Vincent Gogh, I have seen it too many times to be able to appreciate is any more although I know it is a real piece of art, intellectually.


The website Ca Fleure Bon had a very interesting about the origin of oud. http://www.cafleurebon.com/the-mysterious-oud-wood-its-ancient-heritage-m-micallef-three-oud-perfume-draw/


Emir was launched on the Arabian market in 2009. It comes in a beautiful black Micallef bottle. They do not use the G.Nejman special bottles anymore as the ones used for the Seducer, Professional and Sportive. Emir had very positive reviews on basenotes from male reviewers.

Notes according to First in Fragrance website:

Top: pomelo, orange

Heart: Geranium, Pepper, Agarwood (oud)

Base: Patchouly, Cedarwood, Musk

Tested: on paper strip


Painting: Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh 1889