10. dec, 2012

Day 10: Royal Rose Aoud

Although my nose has become quite tired with oud perfumes there are still some oud perfumes around I can appreciate like By Killian Rose Oud and Neela Vermeire Mohur. Both are rose saffron ouds. Micallef Royal Rose Aoud is a very different take on the rose aoud theme.


Royal Rose Oud starts with rose sugar coated petals. The medicinal oud is already quite noticable in the topnotes but it slides to the background to give an audience to sweet roses mixed with some red berries to leave a lovely vanillic trail. The top notes are a bit too sweet for my taste but I really enjoy the light vanillic rose marmalade scent it leaves on my skin.


The perfume reminded me of paintings from Impressionist painters like Claude Monet with lovely views from people taking a walk in a park on a Sunday afternoon, children playing around, young couples all sweet and nice. Maybe a bit too sugared and pleasing. Sometimes I prefer Van Gogh to Claude Monet.


Notes according to First in Fragrance/Aus Liebe zum Duft: top bergamot heart rose,jasmine, sandalwood, lignum vitae (gaiac wood), patchouly, agarwood (oud) base vanilla, musk


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Family: Floral fruity


Painting by Vincent van Gogh, Garden with courting couples 1887, www.vangoghmuseum.nl