10. dec, 2012

Day 9: Aoud Gourmet

When looking for reviews on Aoud Gourmet I was surprised to read a positive review from Nathan Branch as I did not like Aoud Gourmet very much. Nathan was one of the first I contacted when starting with my blog and I have always been grateful for his help. We share a different taste on perfumes so maybe his positive review was not so surprising after all. Nathan does not review any perfumes anymore and I miss them from time to time.


So I will not be reviewing Aoud Gourmet but leave a link to Nathan's review. As I know he likes macarons, I will post a picture with them to enjoy.




Notes according to First in Fragrance/Aus liebe zum duft: top marzipan, honey heart patchouly, cedarwood, nutmeg base  ambergris, sandalwood, musk