10. dec, 2012

Day 8: Pomelos

A pomelo is a citrus fruit. It originates from Southeast Asia and tastes like grapefruit only sweeter. I really like grapefruit in perfume but it can be a tricky note. One of my favorite grapefruit perfumes is Hermes Eau de Pamplemousse Rose. I bought Guerlain Pamplelune blindly but had to let it go as it scented like sweat on my skin after some time. So I was quite curious about this grapefruit interpretation.


Pomelos opens with a fresh citrus note which reminds me of fresh grapefruit mixed with a white flower bouquet especially fresh green jasmine and lily of the valley. It could have been a very distant second cousin on his mothers side of Dior Eau Sauvage due to the fresh jasmine and top citrus notes. The Micallef website mentions an opening of peach and gardenia, and a base of sandalwood, amber and musk. Pomelos is part of the Exclusif Line and was introduced in 2002.


Interestingly the Swedish blogger Confessions of a perfume nerd mentions a hay note and lipstick note in Pomelos. I am not familiar to hay or its natural scent but I am to natural jasmine. To me it is more about citrus and fresh white flowers to her about hay and lipstick.


This would be a perfume my sister could like as she prefers green fresh jasmine perfumes. It is not a perfume I would buy as the drydown smells a bit sour on my skin probably due to the pomelo or other citrus notes. I am glad I tested it this time, before buying a whole bottle. Always try before you buy !


Read another review on Pomelos on:http://perfumenerd.blogspot.nl/2010/01/mmicallef-pomelos.html


Painting: The Harvest by Vincent van Gogh, www.vangoghmuseum.nl