6. dec, 2012

Day 6: Avant Garde

Reading different experiences of a perfume can be very interesting and fun ! They can be so different in commenting on the same perfume. Sometimes you wonder, are they talking about the same perfume I just scented ? While reading reviews on Avant Garde some commented on the iris cocoa combination, others on the contrasts in the perfume of fresh, smoky, dry and gourmand, others on the soft chocolate and soft leather or the tobacco. Generally reviews were very positive.


To me Avant Garde is a fresh and warm scent at the same time. It feels almost like layering two different perfumes, a fresh slightly aquatic cologne and a sweet cocoa eau de parfum. I really like the water lily top note which makes the eau de parfum fresh and green. You can almost smell the water. Water lily is one of my favorite flowers and notes in perfumes and are not very easy to find.


Avant Garde is said to be a masculine perfume, but it can be worn both by men and women. The top citrus notes could give a more masculine feeling but its sweet resinous drydown from the tolu balm and tonkabeans can give it a more feminine touch. I can relate to the contrast within the perfume which was mentioned in the reviews.


Avant Garde is from the Les Exclusifs Line from Micallef. I like this eau de parfum most from the Micallef line thus far, as it is very well blend, different from other perfumes I know with the right amount of sweetness in it. The contrast in the green, fresh notes and the warm notes are very appealing to me.


Notes according to aus liebe zum duft: top citrus notes, water lily (nymphaea), iris heart cocoa, tobacco leaves, frankincense base tonka bean, tolu balsam