3. dec, 2012

Day 3: Aoud, Advent Calenders and the Catholic Advent

Today I found Aoud in the Micallef Advent Calender Box on day 3. Unfortunately I could not scent it enough to write about it due to a cold. So instead of writing about Micallef Aoud I will discuss the difference between the Catholic Advent period and advent calenders.


We have the commercial Advent Calenders like the Micallef Calender and the Catholic Advent Calender or period. Advent is derived from the Latin Adventus and means coming. We all know who is coming on Christmas time, don't we ? The advent calender dates from the early 19th century and came from the German Lutherans. They would count the days untill Christmas. The first known advent calender was made in 1851. Nowadays we see many commercially made advent calenders which start on December 1th. The calender contain boxes with small gifts for every day.


The Catholic Advent period begins four sundays before Christmas. This year the first day of advent was december 2. During the Advent period you can see an Advent Wreath (or crown) in Catholic churches. On this crown 5 candles are arranged, one to be lit each sunday and the fifth on Christmas Eve. You see 4 candles as well in Churches for practical reasons as the fifth is placed in the middle and where do you leave a middle candle when the crown is hanging on the ceiling ?

I started with the Micallef Advent Calender on Saturday december 1. Had it been a Catholic Advent Crown then the starting date would have been, Sunday december 2.