1. dec, 2012

Day 1: Ylang in Gold

Today I am allowed to open the Advent Calender Box from Parfums M. Micallef and start scenting the fragrances inside the box. It is day 1 ! I like the playfullness and beauty of the box and whole idea, I just love Advent Calenders. Everyday in December a different scent can be tested and worn. The first fragrance is Ylang in Gold.


Ylang in Gold is the latest perfume of this French perfume house. At first sniff it is a very sweet and well blended tropical vanillic flower arrangement, quite difficult to distinguish different notes. At first it opens with very sweet fruity notes, vanilla and coconut are quite present already as well although they are base notes.


I read this perfume does not contain ylang but I do not know about that. For my taste it is just too sweet. Both Ylang-Ylang and coconut are challenging notes for me but I was not disappointed as the drydown leaves a sweet tropical vanilla trace as if I have applied a tropical oil blend. Ylang Ylang and coconut work well on my skin but I just do not like them as I do not like tropical perfumes in general. Quite a challenging start. But I like the idea to get to know other notes and get out of my olfactory comfort zone. 


Ylang in Gold reminds me of the women from the paintings of Paul Gaugain, tropical lush and sensual. Like this perfume.


Notes according to First in Fragrance/Aus Liebe zum Duft are:

Topnote: tangerine, geranium, sage, rosemary, wormwood

Heartnote: Ylang-Ylang, Rose, Sandelwood, Lily of the Valley, Magnolia, Mint

Basenote: Coconut, Vanilla, Musk, Moss

Painting: Paul Gaugain Under the Mango trees, Martinique www.vangoghmuseum.nl